I am writing on behalf of Andrea Posusta, who served as the chief sales person and facilitator for Schoolhouse Products, Inc., in regard to the recent purchases of furniture for our new classrooms at Gretchen Everhart School.

I found Andrea to be very easy to work with and very efficient at her job. This assessment is shared by the teachers on my staff who worked directly with her on this project. I would like to include several quotes attesting to the good work Andrea has done at Everhart.

"Andrea was very flexible, agreeable, and offered many constructive suggestions."
-Beth Bloomquist, Everhart teacher

"Andrea made herself available to us, even giving us her cell phone number, and spent a lot of time explaining our options."
-Pam Erickson, Everhart teacher

"She (Andrea) showed a great tolerance for our indecision and lack of knowledge. She was politely directive when necessary."
-Lois Willman, Everhart teacher.

I hope the above quotes demonstrate the high regard my teachers hold for Andrea. I feel very comfortable in recommending Andrea, not only for her job knowledge and effectiveness, but also for her friendly and cooperative attitude.

Diane Brown,
Gretchen Everhart School
"Over the last year we have worked with Schoolhouse Products on many different school projects. We have been pleased with the service, performance, and installations done by their company. We will again this summer be using them for school projects and will continue to do business with them."

Pamela J. Hayes,
Purchasing Director
Lake County Schools Tumpane Public School
"Over the last few years we have done business with Schoolhouse Products Inc. In the past they have been successful bidders with our School Board. We have been pleased with the products and with the resolution of any problems that occurred. We continue to do business with Schoolhouse Products."

Sandra King, CPPB, FCPM
Santa Rosa Country School Board Purchasing Department
"The furniture is beautiful and amazing. It makes our library look fabulous. I thank you so much for your friendly manner and expertise. Hope to do business with you again in the future."

Maxine Wray,
Tumpane Public School
"It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with the Schoolhouse Products delivery and installation crew. They are always courteous, helpful and they always come back with a smile. The best part is that they always come prepared, they always deliver what they promise and they always rectify any problems as soon as they can.

I remember times in the summer when I was by myself opening Moraine Hills and Bipen took charge as he always does and his crew did a fantastic job moving all the furniture. They delivered all the furniture and cleared away all the cardboard too.

It's been over a year that I've dealt with them and I would open a thousand more schools just for the pleasure of dealing with a Great Team like they have. They are incredible suppliers and I'm thankful they are part of the Team."

Sasha Hosein, Lead Caretaker # 2
Moraine Hills P.S.
"After outfitting 5 of my offices using the products and services of Schoolhouse Products Inc., I can truly state that their offerings are second to none. Regardless of your budget or scope of work, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results."

Michael A. Dorman, President
Therapy Supplies and Rental Limited