Our Services

At Schoolhouse Products, we strive to provide excellent customer service throughout your entire room design journey, from the first free consultation to the final follow-up meeting. Our step-by-step process ensures you receive maximum customer satisfaction while we work to make your room design dreams come to life!

Free Design

For the Schoolhouse Products team to successfully create your dream room, we need to fully understand your overall vision. Prior to starting the room design process, Schoolhouse Products offers a free consultation in order to thoroughly discuss your expectations in terms of your commercial furniture needs and our room design services. Book your free consultation to speak with one of our local sales representatives to kickstart your room design journey.

Free Design

After getting a better understanding of your commercial furniture needs and room design expectations, our professional designers will create a floor plan drawing of your new space. Our designers lay out all of your desired furniture onto these blueprints while taking into account room space and building structure. By providing you with 2D visuals, you will be able to get a better idea of what the product will look like in your space and how much room you are actually working with.

Free Digital

With these 2D blueprints, our professional designers are able to take it a step further and provide our customers with digitally rendered floor plan of your space. By providing you with a 3D rendering, you will be able to better visualize what your room or facility will actually look like upon completion and help us to make any desired changes and adjustments accordingly. This unique service ensures complete unity between the client and the Schoolhouse Products team from start to finish.

Delivery and

Once your room design vision has been thoroughly explored and communicated to our team, Schoolhouse Products will promptly deliver your customized furniture order to your location. We ensure your belongings are safely secured and arrive in perfect condition. What’s more, our installation crew will assemble your new furniture and arrange it according to your instructions and unique specifications.


At Schoolhouse Products Inc., we pride ourselves on maintaining excellent customer service, which is why we stay by your side from start to finish to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Upon the completion of your room design planning, delivery and furniture assembly, we will schedule a follow-up meeting with you to make sure you are completely happy with your new commercial room design. Hearing your feedback helps us to provide the best room design services possible and meet all of your commercial furniture needs.

Our Facilities


Our main warehouse is located in Markham, ON. Supplementary warehouses are located across Canada.


Our Showroom is located in Markham,ON. By appointment only, please contact our Head Office at 905.475.7753


We have our own Schoolhouse trucks for the Ontario area. All incoming product is controlled based on various trucking contracts.