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Places of Worship

Places of worship serve the community in a variety of ways, from providing support programs to musical performances to gathering people together for religious purposes. Schoolhouse Products provides stacking chairs, melody music chairs and contemporary lecterns to ensure your place of worship is able to accommodate all of the ways you wish to bring your community together.


MityLite Madera

StageRight Z800HD Portable Staging

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Importance of the church furniture

The usage of particular place for the purpose of their worship. Church furnitureis for two purposes, it is functional as well as it is decorative. […]

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The Benefits of Folding Tables

Easy to store, transport and clean, folding tables are a wise investment for any catering or hospitality business. Their adaptable size means they are especially […]

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Schoolhouse Products provides furniture that is specifically designed for hotel and hospitality design. With an extensive catalogue of cirkel planters, folding chairs and portable room dividers, Schoolhouse Products helps to maintain a sense of comfort and functionality within your facility.


Mity-Lite Flex-One Folding Chair

Magnattach Dance Floor

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Teacher engaging students in collaborative learning in classroom

Patient Check In Barrier

Intro text for what’s happening section: It’s no secret that a doctor’s office, or even a school’s medical wing, can carry a lot of germs […]

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6 Things to Consider For Choosing Restaurant Furniture Supply

When you plan to buy furniture for your restaurant, the foremost factor is to choose the right supplier of the furniture. Since there are various suppliers […]

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Selecting the Right Hospitality Furniture

The evolution of hotel design is intrinsically linked to the guests’ stay and relates to the overall hotel experience. The furniture direction and style often completes and solidifies […]

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Public Spaces

Indoor and outdoor public spaces require meticulous room design planning and customized furniture to facilitate all members of the community. Schoolhouse Products provides modular coffee tables, stackable chairs and mobile waiting room furniture to accommodate your public space design needs.

Marcelo Seating

Swift Lounge

Cellscapes Modular Lounge

Flock Modular Lounge

Endure Tables and Seating


Flock Expansion Animation

Preside Animation

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Great Public Spaces: What Makes a Place Great?

What is a Great Civic Space? Civic spaces are an extension of the community. When they work well, they serve as a stage for our […]

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Young People and Placemaking: Engaging Youth to Create Community Places

Young people use public spaces just as much as anyone else, if not more. And yet, too often young people, or young adults between the […]

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Public Libraries

Public libraries serve the community in a variety of ways, from providing quiet study spaces and reading materials to offering weekly educational programs. Schoolhouse Products provides innovative library furniture such as booth seating and collaborative learning tables to create a versatile space of learning for the entire neighbourhood.

Bookspace Collection

Cantilever Library Shelving

Cube 200/300

TMC Furniture

Invent Tables

Strassa Collaborative Tables

Flock Collection


Library Opening

Library Renovation & Opening

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20 Year Funding Freeze for Ontario Public and First Nations Libraries Ends

The Ontario government has recognized OLA and FOPL’s joint recommendations and is making a strong investment in public and First Nations libraries.

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The Evolving Role of Libraries

It’s Thursday morning and Devin Bateson is hard at work at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library. Bateson isn’t checking in books whose due dates have come, […]

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Higher Education

Schoolhouse Products provides furniture that is specifically designed for higher education facilities. College and university classrooms require innovative, mobile furniture to create a productive learning environment and facilitate communication amongst students. Schoolhouse Products presents a catalogue of mobile shelves, lounge tables, modern classroom furniture and more.

Kozmic Collaborative Collection

Flock Collection

STAD Lounge

Modern Classroom

Performance Shelving


Learn 2 Seating

Screenflex Room Dividers

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Harper College Case History

Harper College is one of the nation’s premier community colleges, serving more than 35,000 students annually in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. The College offers 40-plus degree […]

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Schoolhouse Products provides furniture that is specifically designed to facilitate active learning within the classroom. With innovative, mobile furniture such as shaped tables and modular lounge, we can help you to create a student-centered learning environment that enhances creativity and student engagement.

Learning Strategies

Dramatic Play

Mooreco market image


Collaborative Conversion

Opening the Book

Mobile Devices


Flock Lounge


Paradigm Panel System by Lacasse

Artcobell Products

The Surf by ECR4Kids

Phab Lab

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Top 7 Tips For Maintaining Mental Wellness During Quarantine-V1-min

Top 7 Tips For Maintaining Mental Wellness During Quarantine

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has created hardships for hundreds of millions of people around the world. In addition to the severe financial […]

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Teacher Tips for Promoting Student Mental Health

Great strides are being made to destigmatize mental health, but an increased awareness has also exposed the widespread problem that issues with mental health are […]

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The Top 3 Classroom Seating Layouts

Teachers put a lot of effort into helping their students take away as much as possible from the lessons they teach each day. This effort […]

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How to Foster Collaborative Learning in Your Classroom in the New Year

Every teacher has experienced the pain of failing to encourage student participation in the classroom. While it can sometimes be attributed to the academic material […]

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