EDSpaces Conference AnnouncementEDspaces designing the future of education Portland, OR November 2-4, 2022

If there is one conference that Canadian Educators involved in the design of new schools should attend, It is the Edspaces conference, this year taking place in Portland Oregon November 2-4, 2022. Most of the Schoolhouse Products team has attended this conference for years and most of the key suppliers have displays available for attendees to view. And best of all, you can apply for a “Scholarship” to help pay for the costs of attending this event


Innovation transforms learning environments, and it’s on full display at EDspaces. Both an incubator of progressive ideas and a knowledge-sharing playground, it unites the forward-thinking architects, designers, administrators, and facilities managers who are eagerly reimagining traditional school settings with the manufacturers, distributors, and service providers offering thoughtful products and solutions that holistically motivate students at all levels of their educational journey.

First launched in 1996 as the School Equipment Show by the Education Market Association, the event has evolved into the dynamic EDspaces, mirroring the desire—and need—for more engaging and unconventional classrooms from kindergarten through college.

Twenty-five years later, as 2020 so poignantly underscored, the concept of learning is rapidly shifting. Between its buzzing show floor, immersive tours, and enlightening education sessions, EDspaces is the place to delve into new perspectives—and new possibilities.

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Scholarships available to attend the Conference:


If you are thinking of attending and want any additional information, please call me—Hart Sernick— at 416-565-3112 or email me at hart@schoolhouseproducts.com