• Furniture. All Kinds. Right Here.


  • Furniture. All Kinds. Right Here.


  • Furniture. All Kinds. Right Here.


  • Furniture. All Kinds. Right Here.


May 20, 2020 Announcement to our Customers and Partners

In my April 24, 2020 announcement posted previously on our web site, I went through the chronology of the Covid-19 regulations that had impacted the company over the previous 4-5 weeks and ended up by noting that the company had reopened its office and warehouse operations — albeit on a skeleton basis. I had also indicated that some of our suppliers had closed down temporarily, but had just reopened — in some cases at full production, in other cases at a basic level of production. However, while most of our customers were still closed, a small number of them were prepared to open their facilities and make arrangements to receive deliveries that we had been holding. However, Ontario had remained completely shut down — and with minimal exceptions elsewhere, our business has largely remained on hold in most areas of the country.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, things have begun to open up, particularly as it relates to our business in Western Canada. Our customers there have begun making appointments to receive orders that were previously held. In addition, many customers there have begun to issue new orders — such that operations in the west are beginning to approach a normal level. As a result , we have now resumed full operations in Alberta and BC and we are carrying out work in all areas of the company — office, customer service, warehousing, installation, etc..

Yesterday Ontario announced that students will not be returning to school until Sept — ending 8 weeks of uncertainty as to the plans for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. With this decision behind us, it now appears that most school districts and other public sector organizations can begin the process of planning their operations for the next 3-4 months leading to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year in September. We know that many customers’ plans have been on hold over the past 8 weeks — but now hope that they can begin thinking about what they will need for school opening in September. Our sales team, customer service team — backed up by our design team — are waiting to provide help and guidance to your efforts

We have many orders in our warehouses or in our suppliers warehouses — waiting to be shipped to our warehouses for delivery to the end user. We hope these can be released — and to maintain safe delivery protocols, we are making all deliveries by appointment only. We know that many orders have been on hold and have not been released as yet — we hope that they can now be released. Then, as the product gets manufactured and shipped from our suppliers, we will be able to deliver over the summer. Our delivery and installation teams are available and just waiting to schedule their work.

In addition, I would also like to ask our customers to look at their summer plans as they relate to the delivery of products — both products previously on hold, or new orders yet to be placed. It is very likely that there will be an even greater seasonality to the School furniture business this summer --- and we believe the facilities will need to be more accessible throughout the summer if we are to get all products delivered before September reopening. We cannot leave all deliveries to the last 2 weeks prior to September school opening--so the only solution will be the ability to deliver throughout the summer on a “by appointment basis” --- our logistics people are available to work with all customers to help make this happen.

One last point. Over the past 6 weeks, we have sourced a number of PPE products that our customers are seeking — face masks, sneeze guards, acrylic, glass mobile dividers, to aid in self-distancing — if you have requirements for these type of products, please contact our sales and customers service teams

Wishing all of you a lovely summer as the better weather returns. Above all — keep well and keep safe.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of us:

Customer service — Debbie Poole: debbie@schoolhouseproducts.com
General Information — Hart Sernick: hart@schoolhouseproducts.com

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The classroom is more than just a space – it’s a platform educators use to help students acquire knowledge and hone their skills to prepare them for the future. No platform can be successful without the right foundation, and student-centred adaptable furnishings provide the ideal foundation to support active learning. By implementing versatile and mobile classroom furniture, Schoolhouse Products helps teachers get back to what’s really important, engaging with their students.

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Higher Education

The role of higher education classrooms and spaces has evolved beyond utility into a place to encourage learning, creativity, communication, and interaction. By using adaptable furnishing for different learning areas, your college or university is not only ready to deal with high traffic and demand but also create an environment ripe for inspired education. Schoolhouse Products understands the importance the right atmosphere brings to each lesson and works with you to find the ideal balance between form and function.

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Public Spaces

A good public space is instantly welcoming and has the versatility to adapt to every person and event. Schoolhouse Products understands the growing role of public spaces for people of all demographics and interests. The key is to have a variety of different types of furniture and invest in adaptable pieces that let everyone use and enjoy the space. Enhance the feeling of privacy with portable room dividers, booth seating and tables. Lounge furniture can be easily reconfigured by staff and visitors to transform a public space into a destination for locals who want to spend time in a vibrant atmosphere.

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Public Libraries

Public libraries serve a variety of different uses. With a primary goal of driving reader engagement, something as simple as a well-placed shelf or seat can help connect even one visitor with the perfect book. Extrapolate this across your entire library and it’s possible to boost circulation and maintain relevance in this modern age. By providing structurally and aesthetically appealing furniture, Schoolhouse Products can turn your library into a versatile space of learning, reading, and inspiration for the entire community.

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Hotel and hospitality design has evolved greatly in recent years. While there is still a desire for a sensory experience as soon as guests walk through the doors, it’s important to maintain a sense of comfort and functionality. Schoolhouse Products believes customizable and adaptable furnishings are essential in achieving this. Additions like booth seating or portable room dividers ensure your guests feel relaxed in a crowd but can be easily re-configured to accommodate large groups of people.

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Places of Worship

A place of worship plays a lot of different roles within a community; from bringing people together for religious services, to providing essential community programs and support. In order to meet all these different aims, Schoolhouse Products knows you need to equip your space with sturdy and comfortable furniture that can accommodate multiple uses with limited visible wear. A variety of portable and stackable tables, chairs, and staging allows you to convert your space for performances and celebrations that bring your congregation and community together.

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In the Spotlight

Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School

Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image
Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School image

Schoolhouse's influence on Harrison Public School

Sylvia Myers has been an instrumental asset to the enhancement opportunities at Harrison Public School. Her expertise with design have contributed to the formation of flexible seating in all classrooms from grades k-5, a new Maker Space and a Learning Commons in our library. Sylvia has been an amazing asset to Harrison’s three year plan focussing on integration of digital technology in all aspects of instruction and her expertise has enabled us to execute our three year plan in its entirety.