New Arrivals

Discover the New Shape Tables from Artcobell

Lifetime warranty now available on all Artcobell products!

Think affordable design is beyond reach? Discover® the new world where mainstream affordability and high-end designer style combine for the most innovative and complete line of mainstream classroom furniture in over fifty years.

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Artcobell also has new P and D Shaped Teachers Desks!

These desks can be mobile or stationery for both shaped “P” & “D”.

The Alphabet Chair

The Alphabet Chair is available as a 4-Leg or as a Cantilever Leg. It has a rib-less back with a convenient hand hold cut out. You can get the shell in a poly or a wood finish. Please see PDF for more information

Alphabet Chair (PDF)

Bretford EDU 2.0

Today’s students explore differently than in the past. They grew up looking at screens, not books. They use the Internet. They use digital devices. They use each other. What hasn’t changed is the school. It’s built to be the same, everywhere and for everyone. To support the 21st century student, the classroom needs to adapt. EDU 2.0 makes room for that change. It enables technology. It's furniture for mobile devices. It adapts to every mode, old and new. Technology keeps changing the way ideas are shared. Schools need to keep changing, too. Education design isn’t decoration. It’s a critical component of how we communicate and compete. How we connect.

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Hon Flock

The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Designed to meet the needs of any user, versatile materials, and collaborative areas can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style. The smart selection of lounge components, tables, and color combinations gives Flock the flexibility to express the right image for your organization.

Flock (PDF)


Tenjam offers a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rotomolded plastic shapes, flexcoated polyurethane with a ColourShield spray finish. The material is basically indestructible and is safe, durable, and washable.

Flexible Coated Foam Brochure (PDF)  Cube Firm Introduction (PDF)

Arold Contract

Arold Contract has a new line called “Hip Hop” that is modular and can be configured to many different desired layouts. It can be conventional, fluid, or progressive to suit the rhythm of the room which can be the welcoming center of interest.

Hip Hop Brochure (PDF)


Opening the Book from Brodart offers two product lines that are geared to different age groups.

1. “Bookspace” is geared to the K-6 market that helps student browse small selections in comfort. This line offers tunnels and hideaways to create perfect spaces for children to curl up and read.


Bookspace Brochure (PDF)

2. “Spaceplanner” is geared to Grades 7 and Up which uses a flexible, modular system that entices you to explore the book shelves rather than walk past rows of shelving. Opening the Book has completed extensive research to show that this type of organic layout inspires more interest in reading and picking up a book. This type of system also uses flowing arcs and attractive propeller shapes that coordinates with the “flow” of traffic and movement.


Spaceplanner Brochure (PDF)

OI Furniture

OI Furniture is fun, easy, Eco friendly and cellular. It can be set up quickly by anyone without any tools. The configurations are endless to inspire collaboration and creativity.

OI Brochure (PDF)

Palmer Hamilton

Palmer Hamilton has a new line called “Chariot” that provides a collaborative, flexible yet mobile cafeteria furniture. The bench features a seat that folds up and can be wheeled away for easy storage or reconfigurations.

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Palmer Hamilton

Palmer Hamilton has a new table called “Reload” which is under the “Nomad” line. This table is mobile, functional and charges your devices. The Reload table will charge up to four devices at once including cell phones, tablets, cameras, speakers, etc. Once the table is fully charged the indicator light will be blue and will hold the steady charge for the day. When the battery is low, the indicator light will be red. Please see detailed PDF and video for more information.

Reload Specs Sheet (PDF)   Reload Operational Mannual (PDF)   Watch Video


Stance Healthcare has many lines of furniture to suit the needs of any hospital, nursing home, long term health care, doctors office, etc. They offer lounge seating, recliners, daybeds, dining furniture, casegoods, privacy curtains, etc. Please see the links below to some of their brochures.

Accent Brochure (PDF)    Daybed Brochure (PDF)

Kindred Brochure (PDF)    Onward Brochure (PDF)


Introducing the new Sico mobile cafeteria table. Available in both Junior and Senior lengths, D-shape, Curved Rectangular and Rectangle shapes. The casters on two sides make it easy to “wheelbarrow” the tables for easy reconfigurations.

Sico Brochure (PDF)